Whether you are just starting that base tan or have reached that tanning plateau, we have a bed and program for you. Each of our programs have been specifically designed with you, the tanner, in mind. If you are looking for a year round tan or just want to be tan for that special occasion, we can fit you to one of our programs or packages. We can even custom design one for you!!

Copper Membership
Our beginner membership, tailored for the tanner that's just starting out. The Copper Membership will build up your base tan for that "COPPER Tan" look, and it's less than $1.00 per day! For details on this program click here.

Bronze Membership
The Bronze Membership is for the tanner that wants that "BRONZE" color tan. It includes unlimited tanning in 3 different beds so that we can get that base tan developed and then deepen the color by using a bed mix specifically designed for you. For details on this program click here.

Gold Membership
Our best membership package by far. The Gold Membership includes unlimited tanning in all the beds to give you that "GOLDEN Tan" that you've been looking for. The Gold Membership is specifically designed for the tanner that has reached that "tanning plateau". For details on this program click here.

Session Packages
Whether you are in town just for the weekend or you just want to get that base tan so you can lay out on the beach with less risk of burning, we also offer session prices on all of our beds. From single session rates to month unlimited packages. To see all of our session packages click here.
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